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The Tobanizer offers hair care services for natural and relaxed hair. Click on the link below to view the list of Tobanizing Treatments. If you have any questions, please call (404) 539-7538

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Love, love, love The Tobanizer's talent, energy, attitude and, most importantly, I love my hair!!! He uses the best products, gives great hair advice, listens to my hair goals and delivers. I'm a client for life!

Aundriel P. May 30th, 2019 Verified

Pure perfection! Excellent performance! Outstanding star quality! Let him do his magic cacnd all else will prevail

Nairah W. July 19th, 2019 Verified

I was “Tobanized” for the first time a week ago and my life and hair will never be the same! I have been searching for a new stylist after some previous hair disappointments and I was nervous about going to another new stylist. God I am so happy I pushed past my fears because Tobany put me at ease as soon as he started working on my hair. He has a light but firm touch and he asked me what my hair goals were instead of telling me what was wrong with my hair. Tobany’s silk press felt and looked different than my previous silk presses. He had my hair looking and feeling silky, soft, and very light. My hair is still looking and feeling that way 8 days later. Trust me Stop what you are doing and make a hair appointment with this man. You will get more than you’re money’s worth and walk out of the salon a New woman!

Christina M. August 3rd, 2019 Verified


The positive reviews are TRUE TO FORM. I had read several reviews on different Stylists in the area but there was something about Tobany's reviews. I was impressed how ones spoke about him, consulting with you - which he actually does. He wanted to know my patterns, lifestyle and other - essential to not just styling my hair but also keeping it healthy. I recently relocated to GA 2 months ago & did nothing with my hair but wet & go but in past 2 wk used a wig for the first time in my life. My hair was a serious mess - Tobany should've did a "before/after" pic. I'm TRULY impressed - I didn't think no other could be better than my previous stylist for close to 20yrs. I gave Tobany the wig

-Sheila I. July 20th, 2018 Verified

Wanted to cry tears of joy after my appointment. Most pleasant hair appointment I’ve had in years. The results exceeded my expectations (new client). 

Alexandra M. October 18, 2018 Verified

First time, but definitely not the last.

Kertrinia W. March 9, 2018 Verified

Great! Fixed my orange hair to a beautiful color. Very patient!

Daniela X. March 22, 2018 Verified | 03.22.2018

I really appreciate that Tobany cares about my hair. He gave me advice on how to take better care of my relaxed hair, and gave me a few tips in case I decide to go natural. Good looking out!April

 Jovana C. April 3, 2018 Verified

Very nice guy and he is very great at what he does .

Gentricia J. · June 15,2017  Verified

When I came to the Tobanizer my hair was extremely difficult to comb through. I wanted something that would make my hair manageable but didn't want to completely lose my natural curl. He gave me a texturizer that left my hair straighter, but still full. My hair has body and is much healthier. #Tobannite #HaveubeenTobanized "

- Jasmine G.  May 03,2017 Verified

Professional from beginning to end. I will return, and my hair is straighter then it's ever been

Carmen L. · April 13, 2017 · Verified

Great personality. Very inviting and informative. He works fast and absolutely slays a silk press. I had a wonderful experience

Ericca N. · March 26, 2017 · Verified

My experience here was awesome and my hair still looks great weeks later!

Victoria M. · March 17, 2017 · Verified

Tobany was nice and friendly!! He was hilarious and very professional. My hair was slayed and it lasted for a long time!! Also, for all my naturals out there, there was no damage to my curl pattern, my curls actually looked better after he tamed my split ends!!!

Vallana C. · November 25, 2016 · Verified

The service was amazing. I finally find the stylist I've been searching for. I've been Tobanized!

Naomi · September 19, 2016 · Verified

He did an EXCELLENT JOB on my daughters hair she loved it. We will be back!!!!

Nef J. · September 15, 2016 · Verified

Very personable, makes you feel comfortable and educates you about what to do to achieve healthier hair. The salon has a nice set up and good space.

Candace C. · September 9, 2016 

He did an AMAZING job on my super thick curly hair! He took great care of me from start to finish. He is super friendly, lively and just an awesome human being. It was such a pleasure to meet him and have him do his magic to my hair. Love, love, love him and my experience! I will be back! Thanks Tobany!

Ashley G. · September 4, 2016 · Verified

He is a good stylist and he has a great personality you will love him crazy fun but is about making sure you are happy with your hair and let you know what it is going to take to get your hair on point.

Wanda B. · July 8, 2016

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